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Corporate Social Responsibility

We at SPG, recognize and acknowledge our responsibilities as Corporate Citizens, with grave seriousness. We understand that “With great power, comes Great Responsibility”. Ergo, we leverage our significant Global presence, multifarious portfolio, and prodigious business structure, to proactively execute our Social Responsibility and induce sustainable and inclusive growth.

Intrinsically, our business pursuits and future growth roadmap is premised on our philosophy of Sustainable Holistic Profits – translating to encompass the profits of not merely our own organisation in singularity, but that of, one and all associated with our business (shareholders, customers, associates & partners, financial investors, regulators, vendors, etc.), the communities, the countries, the environment & the planet, at large. ~ Nihar Gupta, MD.

As responsible Corporate Citizens, we strategically direct all our efforts to creating a Sustainable Long-term Value Chain, in alignment with the Triple Bottom Line framework, emphasizing on the three Pu2019s of the environment viz. People, Planet and Profits, that enable the existence of business.

In 2004, the SPG Foundation – a Charitable Trust, was established as a kingpin to po-actively organise our CSR and Philanthropic endeavours and accelerate their execution with enhanced focus and vigour.

Our CSR initiatives are meticulously calibrated to alleviate existing and emerging concerns to the maximum potential and further fortified by four fundamental pillars of strength viz. Health, Education, Empowerment and Environment & Occupational Safety.